Glasgow Incunabula

I recently came across the Glasgow Incunabula Project which offers a great example of how to combine traditional rare book cataloguing with the flexibility of the Web. The project is re-cataloguing the University of Glasgow’s splendid collection of around 1000 incunabula. As well as creating expanded records in the university’s main online catalogue according to the latest Descriptive Cataloguing of Rare Materials (Books) or DCRM(B) rules, the project is also going to result in a standalone web catalogue with multiple browsable indexes, for example, of binders, booksellers and decoration. In addition, each record in the web catalogue also includes at least one image of the book. Although the images have not been taken to archival standards, the flickr slideshow of images from the project is a great resource.

Among the works that have been catalogued so far, I came across two volumes that are also present in the Parker Library collection,  Pseudo-Augustine, De cognitione verae vitae (Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 1475) and Pius II, Epistolae familiares (Lyons: Jean de Vingle, 1497). The project is still ongoing – congratulations to Jack Baldwin and Julie Gardham for putting it together.

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  1. What a great resource. I particularly like the notes on annotations, and the fact that these show up fairly well on the scans. Humphrey Duke of Gloucester jumps out at you pretty clearly.

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