Parker Library Audit 2011

The annual Parker Library audit was carried out on Friday 9 September by Dr John Pollard, the Fellow Librarian of Trinity Hall. As I mentioned in last year’s post, we’re required to check the contents of the library under the terms of the indenture by which Matthew Parker donated his books to the library. If a certain number of books have been lost, the whole collection is forfeit to Gonville and Caius College. If they should be similarly neglectful, the collection passes to Trinity Hall and, if necessary, back to Corpus. In this way, the three colleges were set to watch over each other – and each was provided with a copy of the Parker Register, the checklist of Parker’s books.  Our copy is MS 575.

Dr Pollard recalled at the audit dinner that two years ago when he last came to inspect the books, we told him that NONE of the manuscripts were present. They were all being stored safely in the vault of the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College while we were having some refurbishment work done in the Parker Library itself. Luckily he was happy to take our word for that – and to see some of Parker’s printed books. This year the manuscripts were all present – except for one of those that Dr Pollard wanted to see – MS 373. It’s still on exhibition in Speyer – but we were able to show him a picture of it in the exhibition catalogue for the Die Salier exhibition to prove that.

CCCC MS 373 in Speyer catalogue

The auditor was satisfied and he received his fee – an Elizabethan sixpence. We were then able to enjoy the audit dinner, which also marked the end of the Parker Library Keio EIRI conferenceon digitization.

A guest visiting the library before the Audit Dinner

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