Retirement of Melvin Jefferson

In December we bade a fond farewell to Melvin, Conservation Officer for the Cambridge Colleges Conservation Consortium. Melvin has worked as a conservator for the college for over twenty years, first as Nicholas Hadgraft’s assistant,  then as the head of the Consortium, in the specially designed conservation studio based in College.

Melvin is known throughout Cambridge as the fount of all conservation knowledge – and also for his innovative ideas. If you took him a particularly awkwardly shaped item which needed storage or a knotty technical problem, he would come up with a clever and elegant answer, usually within hours. He played a key role in the Parker on the Web digitisation project, carefully preparing all the manuscripts to be photographed, and offered valuable advice during the project to develop a new reading room and vault for the Parker Library manuscripts.

Melvin and his wife hope to spend some time each year in the U.S., with his son and family. We wish him all the very best for the future – he will be sorely missed. Edward Cheese, conservation assistant, has taken over as Conservation Manager, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with him, and Elizabeth Bradshaw, part-time conservator.

The Master of Corpus, Stuart Laing, with Melvin, at his retirement party

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  1. What to do now, without Melvin. We had wonderfull times, to gether with Elizabeth, I Do had splendid memories About the Corpus Cristi.
    I came there with my parchment and now I thank you all very much for using my parchment. When you need something, than I like to come to Cambridge with my vellums. Please, give my best wishes to Melvin. From Dick Timmerman, the parchmentmaker from the Netherlands. Please, give to my best wishes for Elizabeth. And who knows, I come may be again to the Parker Library with my vellums. When it is possible, please contact me.

    Best wishes, from Dick Timmerman, parchmentmaker.

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