Samuel Savage Lewis and the Library globes

With reference to the Parker Library globes mentioned in my blog about Samuel Savage Lewis – it seems that Lewis did

Carey's Terrestrial Globe, 1815

not give these to the Library. Our Archivist, Dr Leedham-Green, has found a reference in the Library account for 1840 which shows that the college paid for them, presumably expressly for the newly-built Parker Library.  The two globes were made by John and William Cary of London.  Cary’s bill for the two globes was £21 1s 6d, plus carriage of 13s.

Carey's Celestial Globe, 1790

Globe covers were also bought, from Cambridge book binder H.R. Wiseman, and there is  a receipted bill dated 15 August 1840,which was  paid on 15 August 1841,  for Two  very large leather cases for globes in the library, with corded seams, and made in best style: £3 12s.

The Library at Ham House has similar covers on its globes.

These may not have been the first globes in the College, as the Chapter Book of 1632 records approval by the then Bursar, Nicholas Ganning, to spend money on globes, although no corresponding entry can be found in the Audit Book

Many thanks to Elisabeth Leedham-Green for this information.

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