Parker Library calendar – November

This is the Ordinal for use by the choir of Exeter Cathedral, with instructions for chants and music prescribed for use in the Mass and daily offices at Exeter, as ordained by John Grandison, bishop of Exeter, 1327-69. The manuscript dates from the beginning of the fifteenth century, but the lavish illuminated borders have been... Continue Reading →

Parker Library calendar – August (MS 253)

This English Romanesque manuscript contains several texts by Augustine of Hippo (354-430). Towards the end, a late twelfth-century hand has added a sequence, or hymn, for the feast of Saint Augustine, “Interni festi gaudia, nostra sonet armonia…”, ‘At the joy of our own festival, our song rings forth…’ sometimes attributed, probably wrongly, to the Augustinian... Continue Reading →

Open Cambridge 2013

Open Cambridge, an annual event, this year runs from Friday 13 - Sunday 15 September, and is an opportunity to visit places in Cambridge which are not normally accessible to the public.  The programme of events has now been published, and booking starts mid-August. Both Taylor and Parker libraries will be taking part this year,... Continue Reading →

Parker Library Calendar – July

A whole municipal band of musicians are crowded onto the back of an elephant here, including two trumpeters, a drummer, and a boy piper, as well as the Magister bestie (‘Master of the beast’) at the front ringing a great bell. The occasion was the return from the Crusades by Prince Richard of Cornwall (1209-1272),... Continue Reading →

Suzanne Paul

Last Thursday, 16th May, was Suzanne's last day in the Parker Library. Suzanne first started work as part of the team working on the Parker on the Web Project. Six months later, I requested to cut my hours to part-time, and Suzanne and I became joint Parker Sub-Librarians, with Suzanne continuing to work 2 days... Continue Reading →

Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition, Durham

Two of the best known and most important manuscripts in the Parker collection are about to go on display in the forthcoming Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition at Durham. The exhibition, which opens on 1st July and runs until 30 September, is in the newly refurbished Palace Green Library. On show will be artefacts and manuscripts from,... Continue Reading →

Parker Library Calendar – May (MS 8)

The month of May was the traditional time for love, in medieval custom and romantic literature. The earliest surviving Anglo-Norman love-song is a chance survival of part of a mid-thirteenth-century parchment sheet which was re-used as a flyleaf at the end of a later manuscript of the Speculum historiale of Vincent of Beauvais. It  preserves... Continue Reading →

Parker Library Calendar – April (MS 53)

The early fourteenth-century Peterborough Psalter was perhaps originally commissioned for a layman, Oliver de Wisset, before being acquired in the 1320s by Hugh de Stukeley, prior of Peterborough Abbey. It is one of the great East Anglian gothic illuminated manuscripts. It opens with a series of spectacular full-page miniatures illustrating scenes in the lives of... Continue Reading →

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