Uncovering the Dover Bible’s True Colours – How modern science can be used to aid discovery within England’s oldest manuscripts.

As with any historical field, despite the sheer quantity of evidence you may collect, there will always be parts of the past that remain shrouded in mystery. This is of course true for manuscripts; even if we combined all our current knowledge, we will never quite manage to uncover each and every hidden facet of... Continue Reading →

My Experience as an Intern at the Parker Library

I am a year 10 student at Parkside Community College, and my year group must complete a week of work experience as we move into our final year of secondary school, to give us a taste of the world of work. A wide range of companies and organisations provide work experience, but the Parker Library... Continue Reading →

Conference Report: AMARC meeting in Oxford

AMARC is a friendly organisation which brings together all sorts of people with an interest in manuscripts and archives. Its meetings are one of the few opportunities for librarians, curators and conservators to meet up with scholars and researchers and find out what others are up to in an informal environment. It also produces an... Continue Reading →

Retirement of Melvin Jefferson

In December we bade a fond farewell to Melvin, Conservation Officer for the Cambridge Colleges Conservation Consortium. Melvin has worked as a conservator for the college for over twenty years, first as Nicholas Hadgraft's assistant,  then as the head of the Consortium, in the specially designed conservation studio based in College. Melvin is known throughout... Continue Reading →

Looking at bindings…

I had a chance this week to look at and talk about bindings in the  company of Jo, a trainee conservator. Jo is studying for the MA in Conservation Studies at the renowned West Dean College in Sussex and she's currently on placement at the Cambridge Colleges' Conservation Consortium. She came over to the library... Continue Reading →

Conservation of the Draft 39 Articles

The conservation and rebinding of CCC MS 121, Synodalia, is now partially completed.  This manuscript, comprising sixteenth century material relating to convocations and visitations, also contains two drafts of the 39 Articles of Faith, the founding document of the Church of England,  both dated 1562 and  countersigned by the  bishops. The conservation of the manuscript,... Continue Reading →

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