Donation of Letters from Eric Cooper (m. 1933)

Dr Lucy Hughes, the College's Modern Archivist writes: The Modern Archive recently received an exciting donation of personal correspondence which casts light on the day-to-day life of a Corpus undergraduate in the 1930s. The letters by Eric Cooper (written on letterheaded College notepaper and in envelopes bearing the College crest) came with some photographs and... Continue Reading →

ASNC Manuscript Training at the Parker Library

Guest post by Dr Denis Casey, who worked on the Parker on the Web project. It is unsurprising that the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic has a long and proud association with the Parker Library and visits to the library are often among the most memorable moments in students’ entire undergraduate and graduate careers. ... Continue Reading →

First impressions of the Modern Archives

This is a guest post by Lucy Hughes, the College's new Modern Archivist. My first two months as Modern Archivist at Corpus Christi have been very enjoyable. Learning about the College’s traditions, its possessions and – most of all – its people has been fascinating, and I look forward to learning more. Getting to know... Continue Reading →

Happy Bird Singing Day!

This is a guest post by Dr Rebecca Rushforth, a former Fellow of Corpus and colleague on the Parker on the Web Digitisation Project: In the Middle Ages the saints' days were such a noticeable part of the daily year that people often used them instead of dates. Rents might be due at Candlemas or... Continue Reading →

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