History by the Month: February and the Peterborough Psalter

The Peterborough Psalter was illuminated in East Anglia, c.1310-20, perhaps for Oliver de Wisset. By the mid-fourteenth century it was in the possession of the prior of Peterborough Abbey. The Calendar page for February includes the saints and feast days appropriate for that month, and little roundels showing a man seated by the fire cooking... Continue Reading →

Monsters at the end of the world

It's nearly Halloween, and accompanying days of All Saints and All Souls, so in many parts of the world people have been gearing up for the night by watching horror films, procuring masks and makeup, and generally revelling in the monstrous and terrifying. However, the thrill of pondering pure terror is nothing new, and medieval manuscript illustrations can be filled with grotesque... Continue Reading →

Woden and MS 66

Richard Fahey, a PhD candidate at the University of Notre Dame, just wrote a blog post about the mythological treatment of Woden in Anglo-Saxon genealogies, using CCCC MS 66, p. 69 to illustrate. Click through and compare MS 66's illustration with that of the British Library's Cotton Caligula A.viii.

21st century science meets 12th century art

Today the Parker Library hosted some much more modern equipment than the usual cutting-edge medieval book technology that we tend to handle! A team from the Miniare project at the Fitzwilliam Museum came to analyse the pigments in volume two of the Dover Bible (MS 4) using spectroscopy- a method of bouncing light off of pigments to determine... Continue Reading →


The 2014 Panizzi Lectures were given by Donnelley Fellow Librarian, Dr Christopher de Hamel. The first, on Monday 27th October looked principally at the Bury Bible, now in the Parker Library.   There are more details about the lectures, which take place at the British Library, here.        

Adam of Easton conference – details and booking form

ADAM EASTON: MONK, SCHOLAR, THEOLOGIAN, DIPLOMAT AND CARDINAL 10- 11 April 2014 Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Following the success of last year’s Parker Library symposium and exhibition on Herbert of Bosham, it was decided to establish an annual event celebrating important but neglected figures in English medieval history.  Adam Easton (d.1397) is long... Continue Reading →

Parker Library calendar – August (MS 253)

This English Romanesque manuscript contains several texts by Augustine of Hippo (354-430). Towards the end, a late twelfth-century hand has added a sequence, or hymn, for the feast of Saint Augustine, “Interni festi gaudia, nostra sonet armonia…”, ‘At the joy of our own festival, our song rings forth…’ sometimes attributed, probably wrongly, to the Augustinian... Continue Reading →

Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition, Durham

Two of the best known and most important manuscripts in the Parker collection are about to go on display in the forthcoming Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition at Durham. The exhibition, which opens on 1st July and runs until 30 September, is in the newly refurbished Palace Green Library. On show will be artefacts and manuscripts from,... Continue Reading →

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