‘The Naked Text’?: the Wycliffite Bible Controversy

Language can be exclusive. When a text is unavailable in one’s own language, one feels barred from understanding its meaning. This concern allows us insight into the thinking behind the production of this highly controversial manuscript from the Parker Library collection: the Wycliffite Bible (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 147). The Wycliffites, followers of the... Continue Reading →

Holey Books: Ancrene Wisse and the Art of Medieval Manuscript Repair

Encountering a manuscript is a vastly different experience to reading a modern printed edition of the same text. I discovered this when I had the privilege of examining the Ancrene Wisse manuscript (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 402) during my internship at the Parker Library. Ancrene Wisse—meaning ‘advice for anchoresses’—is an early thirteenth-century text intended to guide... Continue Reading →

High Sheriffs’ Visit

We recently hosted a visit by the High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and the six surrounding counties in full ceremonial court dress. High Sheriffs are appointed by the Crown in each county of England and Wales and serve for a single year. The office is a very ancient one, dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. The... Continue Reading →

Parker’s Scribes

It's well-known that Matthew Parker did more than just collect books and manuscripts. He lent and borrowed, read and studied, had them copied, collated and edited, disbound and rebound. And of course, there's plentiful physical evidence for all these practices in the books themselves. Perhaps the clearest evidence of the ways in which Parker's books... Continue Reading →

Michael Wood filming in the Parker Library

We had the pleasure recently of hosting a visit by the historian and presenter  Michael Wood and his team. The Parker Library and its manuscripts, including the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, will be featured in three programmes that the team  are filming for a new BBC series. The trilogy of films, scheduled for broadcast in Autumn 2013... Continue Reading →

Library Impressions

This was the scene in the library last week when the impressionist Jon Culshaw visited with a TV crew to talk to Dr Rory Naismith of the ASNC department and to look at some of our Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Jon is filming a series called  Britain's Secret Treasures for ITV about various hoards and other archaeological... Continue Reading →

Leicester Medievalists Visit

We had a visit this week from various early medievalists from the University of Leicester who came to see some of our Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, as well as the early medieval coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum. Several of the group were part of the ground-breaking interdisciplinary project, The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain:... Continue Reading →

‘Not just any library’

Of course we know that the Parker Library is 'not just any library' but it's lovely to have the fact recognised by others. We recently hosted a visit to the college from a group of young people who had all been finalists in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, organised by the Speakers Trust. The... Continue Reading →

Parker Library Audit 2011

The annual Parker Library audit was carried out on Friday 9 September by Dr John Pollard, the Fellow Librarian of Trinity Hall. As I mentioned in last year's post, we're required to check the contents of the library under the terms of the indenture by which Matthew Parker donated his books to the library. If... Continue Reading →

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