History by the Month: July and the Battle of Hattin

The two-volume Chronica Maiora of Matthew Paris (c.1190-1259), monk of St Albans, is one of the major records of history at the time of the Crusades. It is the author’s own copy, with illustrations in his own hand. The picture here shows the disastrous Battle of Hattin in Palestine, when Saladin defeated the crusaders’ armies... Continue Reading →

History by the Month: May

The autograph Chronica Maiora of Matthew Paris (c1200-1259), monk of St. Albans, is one of the most famous sources for thirteenth century English history. It is a history of the world, but is especially important for events of the author’s lifetime. The manuscript is in two volumes and contains hundreds of little drawings by Matthew... Continue Reading →

History Today Hat-trick: The REAL Robin Hood

For the third month in a row, images from a Parker Library manuscript are used to illustrate an article in History Today. This article, by Sean McGlynn, puts forward yet another candidate for the real-life inspiration behind the famous mythical outlaw. The new contender is not from Yorkshire, Nottingham or Lincoln but Kent. And his... Continue Reading →

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